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So this article's mostly going to be about a certain hypothesis that we're all living in the matrix- the Stimulation Hypothesis. It states that:

- 1) All human-like civilizations in the universe go extinct before they develop simulated realities
- 2) If some civilizations DO get to that point, they won't bother with the stimulations
- 3) They already HAVE created stimulated realities, and there are already a ton stimulated realities

Could 3) be correct?

It certainly seems possible. Humans have problems [citation needed], and we often look to other humans to solve those problems- therefore, putting humans in a stimulated reality may be a solution to see what they do. But instead of looking down on these humans in their fake worlds, what if WE are the ones in the stimulated universe?

There are many sources on the internet that claim that we already live in a stimulated universe- proofs range from how the universe started, to VR games, to the limits of speed. You could do a search for "are we living in the matrix", and there would be countless websites teeming with info on why the world doesn't exist like it seems to. But there's an alternate theory that refutes the hypothesis that we're all living in a VR game- or at least proves that it's less possible than it seems.

Lets say that we ARE living in that stimulation. (Then this website wouldn't exist, but put that aside for a moment.)

If we really are living in a stimulation, then that means there are more complex humans above us, handling the stimulation. Which means, they already have a mental capacity greater then ours, to make the stimulation in the first place.

So they are at least still like us.

But if they are like us, then they would have feelings, too, right? So most people would probably go against the stimulated realities, since the core idea of putting people in fake worlds is just.. wrong.

So, there shouldn't be stimulated realities after all. :)

Are there flaws in this refution? Yes. For one thing, how would we know that there isn't one person who sneakily created a stimulated reality? How could we know that the complex humans above us have the same feelings as us? They could just be unfeeling creatures who don't care.

But at the end of the day, it's still likely that the "higher beings" would have a sense that they shouldn't trap our lives in their virtual experiment — after all, they are complex enough to make the virtual reality — leading to a conclusion that we probably don't live in the matrix after all.

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