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Hey! So the purpose of this site, as mentioned on the welcome page, is basically just a thing for me to update, and post stuff on.

How this site came to be

HTML is generally fun to play with- it's minimal coding, maximum output. A few lines generates an amazing website.

So about a year ago, at the time of writing, I found this site editor. And most of the other editors would need the users to pay money to get a domain, but Neocities would let people get a (sub)domain all free! And while there were other free subdomain websites too, at that time I didn't know about the other ones.

At first, I was really excited about making a website, so the first website was a simple one with a blue background, and a bit of padding. But after just two days, site 1 died because the computer didn't save properly, and somehow I couldn't log into the account.

Site two!! Site two was actually okay, but I still was pretty trash at css and styling. There was a lot of trial and error with divs, too, and site 2 looked like a piece of crap when it was opened on a mobile device.
And site 3? That's this one. Site two was basically kind of stressful, and I gave up after a while. There's probably a lot more I need to know about HTML, but I'm just keeping this site simple as a test site, and a personal archive for things I make :)

About me?